About Brest Bay

Welcome to Brest Bay Marina, offering direct access to the beautiful waters of Lake Erie! Centrally located between Detroit and Toledo, Brest Bay Marina makes for a great way to spend the summer boating season. We offer a range of dockage options from variously sized in-water docks, rack and launch, as well as winter storage. We also offer vending services and recreational fuel! An amenity often overlooked at Brest Bay Marina is the gorgeous beach facing the waters of Lake Erie. Plus, we are located just 10 miles from downtown Monroe, where you’ll find great dining and quaint shops.

Brest Bay Marina was previously owned and operated by Phil Teal, who is well recognized at the marina given his near 50-year tenure. During Phil’s time of ownership, he constructed the rack and launch building, enlarged the marina’s channels, installed the floating docks, expanded the store and shop buildings, and installed seawalls throughout the property. Phil has a knack for entrepreneurship, and we are all thankful for his many years of dedication to bringing us the Brest Bay Marina we all know and love. We wish Phil and Kathy many more years of relaxation on Lake Erie!

Towards the end of 2021, Phil decided it was time to pass the reins to new owners.  Derek and Suzanne Gillespie purchased Brest Bay Marina and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this opportunity. They are eager to bring some upgrades to the marina, all while keeping the familiar energy that has the customers returning year after year. In the first year of owning the marina, a new boat ramp was installed, floating jet ski ports were added, and beach improvements were made. Adirondack chairs and a fire pit were added for Brest Bay beach-goers to enjoy! Some items on the ‘To Do’ list for the immediate future will be improving the existing floating docks,  upgrading and maintaining the driveways, cutting down on dust throughout the facility, and reducing the aquatic weed growth. While improvements will continue into the future for many years, Derek and Suzanne greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have to improve Brest Bay Marina. Please reach out to Suzanne directly at dsg@brestbaymarina.com, or through Facebook messenger. The Gillespies are very excited to step into the new ownership of Brest Bay Marina; their two young sons are most thrilled to play on the beach and learn how to catch (and eat) the best walleye around!