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2024 Rental Rates

Economy Dock

Economy docks are our way of fighting to help you keep more hard-earned dollars in your pocket. There is parking for one car in front of these docks. Any additional cars can park on the lakefront. The economy docks are limited to a 22’ boat.


These 24′ docks are a little more spacious than our economy docks and have parking for 2 cars. There is also ample room for a picnic table or grill. Your journey to the lake is also a little shorter.

Docks with Water & Electric
20'-31' | $1,150
32'-34' | $1,510

The docks with water and electric are indeed our most luxurious docks. Ranging in length from 28′ to 34′ long, they are much more spacious than our regular docks. These docks feature 15A electrical service and potable water hook-ups. A definite must for the boater who likes to spend the weekend on the water.

Rack & Launch

Rack & Launch Service is for the boater who wants to keep his boat in pristine condition, but doesn’t want the hassle and worry of keeping his boat in the water. Boats up to 26′ are stored inside, out of the weather, awaiting your arrival. Boats are set in the water by one of our experienced forklift drivers for you to enjoy. When you return, your boat is picked up and put back indoors!

Trailer Storage
Trailers are stored outside at a convenient, off-site location!
Floating Jet Ski Ports
Our EZ ports are the widest on the market, with 10” of additional walkway space on each side of your PWC. The drive-on ports make loading and unloading effortless, giving you more time on the water!
Transient Docks (Economy- boats up to 22') | $25 Nightly | $100 Weekly | $250 Monthly |
Transient Docks (Water/Electric- boats up to 32')| $45 Nightly | $200 Weekly | $450 Monthly |
We offer nightly, weekly, or monthly rental options for the boater who likes to explore the waters of the Great Lakes. Rentals are one month maximum.




Store your boat with us over the winter so it’s right where you want it when it’s time to get back in the water. We offer both indoor and outdoor storage at Brest Bay! Your boat will be professionally handled by our expertly-trained crew with years of experience.

Inside Winter Storage

Keep your boat secure and out of the elements!

  • Boats less than 20′ LOA – $325.00
  • Boats more than 20′ LOA, less than 8.5′ wide – $28.00/linear foot
  • Boats wider than 8.5′ – $3.25/square foot
Outside Winter Storage

Keep your boat in our gated marina through the winter with our outside storage option!

  • Boats less than 20′ LOA – $225.00
  • Boats more than 20′ LOA – $20.00/linear foot


Summer Hours | May 1st- October 31st

The marina is open from May 1st to October 31st. Forklift hours for rack & launch are May 15th through October 15th, 8 am to 6 pm.

Rules & Regulations

Guests & Visitors

Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC (hereinafter, the “Marina”) shall not be liable for: any personal injury to boat owners, members of their family, or guests while on the premises; any event or circumstance beyond Marina’s control; the unavailability of Marina services; or any damages to any vessel, vehicle, gear, or equipment thereupon. All boat owners and dock renters are responsible to be and shall ensure that their guests are, fully informed of these rules and regulations. All dock renters are responsible for their own guest’s conduct, whether the renter is present or not. No renter or guest will be permitted to cause a disturbance or otherwise create a nuisance/annoyance to others while on the property. Loud noises (including music) and raucous conduct which interferes with other use and/or enjoyment of the marina will not be tolerated. Common sense and good judgment should always be used.

No Wake Within the Marina

Boaters are not to cause wake in the marina or adjacent waterways.

Rack & Launch Building

Boat owners, dock renters, and their guests are not allowed in the rack and launch building for any reason. While on the premises, each boat owner and/or dock renter is responsible to ensure that all guests stay away from the forklift/travel lift working space. There are blind spots from the seat of operation. Each boat owner shall ensure that all items protruding outside the boat are removed prior to the Marina’s commencement of any rack and launch services. The Marina is not responsible for: trim tabs, swim ladders, speedometer pick-ups, transducers, trolling plates, antennas, lights, flags, tops or stern drives, or any items left protruding outside of the boat hull or personal property contained on said boat, nor is the Marina responsible for trolling motors on boats if they interfere with the operation of the forklift. They will be removed from the boat.

Dock Use

The Marina disclaims any warranties regarding the docks; all leasable areas, including docks and spaces within the launch building, are rented in “as-is, where-is” condition. No boater, dock renter, or guest shall do or permit any action(s) or conduct that will have the effect of increasing the Marina’s insurance premium or which may otherwise have the potential to void the Marina’s insurance coverage.  The Marina property shall be used for commercial purposes unless the Marina has given prior written consent. No work shall be done to watercraft, gear, equipment, or other goods while in or on the premises except as performed or permitted (in writing) by the Marina. This restriction shall not apply to minor running repairs or minor maintenance of a routine nature by the boat owner, his regular crew, or guests, provided always that any such minor running repairs or minor maintenance of a routine nature do not cause any nuisance or annoyance to any other users of the premises.

Forklift Hours

May 15th– October 15th, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Marina reserves the right to modify these hours, without advanced notice, as a result of weather, safety concerns, or other applicable constraints.

Garbage | Marina Cleanliness

Must be disposed of by the customer in the provided trash receptacles. No waste, refuse, cans, paper, debris, or stones shall be thrown into the water. This Marina takes great pride in keeping Lake Erie clean.

Renter's Responsibilities

Dock renters/boat owners are solely responsible for the maintenance and functionality of any boat stored (whether long or short term) at the premises, as well as the prompt payment of all sums due to the Marina. The Marina shall be entitled to enforce any and all rights, including those reserved under the Michigan Marina and Boating Storage Lien Act.

Boat & Watercraft Maintenance

Non-functional watercraft, trailers, and other vehicles are not permitted at the premises. Any non-functional watercraft will be given a reasonable cure period. If the defect is not remedied within the reasonable cure period, the Marina will remove the boat from the dock at the owner’s expense.

No Swimming Allowed Within the Marina

It is very dangerous and against Michigan law. Feel free to enjoy the provided beach for all swimming activities.


All dogs are to be kept on leashes. It will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all the stool deposits are cleaned up immediately. Dogs will not be left onboard or unattended at any time. State Law requires strict compliance with these pet regulations.


The Marina does not provide, nor is it obligated to provide, on-site security personnel. The Marina is not responsible for any theft, vandalism, losses, or damage. Properly secure your boat and personal property at the dock. Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC. reserves the right to move a boat if necessary.

Boarding Steps | Padding | Carpeting

No boarding steps/ padding/ carpeting may be used on the finger docks and slips, nor shall the dock renter or owner damage, remove, or modify posts, cleats, or other Marina property. Nothing may be bolted or nailed through the finger dock’s surface. Replacement costs of the damaged property will be the responsibility of the dock renter. If you use a dock box, it must be placed on a platform of minimal size and it must be at least 6 feet from any obstructions.

Sale of Watercraft

The Marina prohibits the sale of any vehicle, trailer, or watercraft while stored or moored at the premises.

Water & Electric Sections

For boaters in the water and electric sections (as applicable), it is very important for water hoses and electric cords to be kept on the hooks provided. Please keep the ends of dock lines and spring lines off the grass. The Marina will not be responsible for hoses, cords or lines run over or damaged by the lawn mower.


The fueling of watercraft from jerry cans or other portable fuel storage is not permitted at the premises.

Boat Ramp Usage

In order to keep ramp congestion to a minimum, if you use the ramp, please park your car and trailer at the other end of the premises (on the lakefront by the main gate) for the day. If you are not storing your trailer here, please take it home the same day. If you are storing your trailer here, be sure to fill out a trailer storage contract the same day that you leave your trailer here.  Any trailer left without a contract will be charged a $250 nightly fee. Please remember the ramp is for contracted customers only.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather or other extenuating circumstances, Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC reserves the right, but shall not be obligated, to move boats to safer locations.


No unauthorized commercial activities are allowed on the premises. Dock renters are not permitted to use boats as primary residences.


There will be no refunds of dock rentals for unused dockage.


Parking for the docks along Brest Road is limited to 1 car per dock.  Any additional cars should park on the lakefront. Please be courteous when parking. Parking must occur in the designated area. If parking issues arise due to the placement of items (such as picnic tables), the Marina may require the removal or replacement of said items. Person parking outside of the designated parking areas is subject to being towed at their own expense. Please contact the Marina with the vehicle information (picture preferred) in the event that designated parking becomes impaired.

Sublets & Assignments

The dock renter is not permitted to sublet or assign their lease without the express written consent of the Marina.


All storage and use leases are governed by these terms and conditions and the relevant contract. In the event that a renter fails to remove the watercraft prior to the expiration of the applicable term, the dock renter shall be considered in holdover and will be charged 125% of the amount dictated by the applicable contract, in addition to the Marina’s remedies set forth below.

Dock Entry

Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC reserves the right for its agents and employees to enter docks without the renter’s permission, for the purpose of maintenance and inspections.


In the event that a check is returned due to insufficient funds, Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC may charge a fee of $45.00.


Each dock renter will indemnify and hold harmless Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC and its contractors and agents from the costs incurred by Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred: (i) by the dock renter’s (or guest’s) breach of the foregoing; (ii) the Marina’s enforcement of these rules and regulations; and (iii) by the negligence or willful act of the Marina.

Abandoned Vehicles

In the event that a watercraft/vehicle is abandoned (as defined under MCL 257.252), Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC is entitled to all legal remedies permitted in equity or under law, including, but not limited to, reimbursement of all costs incurred by Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC in the removal and/or storage of the watercraft/vehicle. Nothing herein shall be deemed to waive or otherwise infringe the Marina’s rights and remedies available under MCL 570.371, et. seq.

Termination of the Agreement

If a boat owner or dock renter violates any of the terms and conditions in this agreement or those posted at the premises, the Marina may terminate this agreement with written notice. At that time, the boat owner must remove his watercraft from the docks within ten (10) days.  At the end of the ten (10) day period, if the watercraft has not been removed by the owner, the Marina reserves the right to remove the boat from the water, put it in a storage facility, and charge all applicable fees at the customer’s expense. In the event of termination, the dock renter is responsible for any unpaid bills, vacating the dock, cleaning the dock area, and repairing any damage beyond general wear-and-tear.


In the event, that the Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC files suit for breach of this agreement, both parties agree that the venue shall be in Monroe, Michigan. No modifications to the lease are permitted without the express written consent of Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC.

Time Period Declared/Storage Fees

The time periods covered by summer and winter agreements are understood to be from the date contracted until the ending date that corresponds to the type of storage selected. The Watercraft Owner agrees to remove said vessel on or before the applicable ending date for the type of storage chosen. Boats that remain in indoor or outdoor winter storage past May 15th will be charged a daily storage fee. Boats that remain in docks or rack & launch summer storage past November 1st will be charged a daily storage fee.


All dock renters and boat owners are required to carry adequate insurance coverage (liability and property damage). Insurance should cover indemnity, fire, theft, acts of God, and hull coverage.  The dock renter assumes liability for any damage done to the docks or premises, family, or guests. If damage does occur, please contact Brest Bay Marina Company, LLC. immediately at 734-289-1234.