General Dockage Info

Please keep in mind that  docks are slippery when wet. Please use caution during these times.

If you use a dock box, it must be placed on a platform of minimal size and it must be at least 6 feet from any obstructions. 

If you have a picnic table, it is your responsibility to mow the grass around and under it weekly, or Brest Bay Marina will pick it up and put it in storage and you will be charged a fee.
Please be courteous about  parking. Don’t park in your neighbor’s space because you have a picnic table in  your space. If parking becomes an issue, Brest Bay Marina will ask you to remove your table.

For boaters in the water  and electric sections, it is very important for you to keep water hoses and  electric cords on the hooks provided. Please keep ends of dock lines and spring  lines off grass. Brest Bay Marina will not be responsible for hoses, cords or  lines accidentally run over by the lawn mower.
Fueling of boats from jerry cans is not permitted in the marina for the safety of all our customers.

Customers who own  personal watercraft and plan to launch them here at the marina, note that there is a  $25.00 annual fee for each watercraft. Please fill out individual registration form(s) for each watercraft prior to launching.

In order to keep ramp  congestion to a minimum, if you use the ramp, please park your car and trailer  at the other end of the marina (on the lake front by the main gate) for the day. 

If you are not storing your trailer here, please take it home the same day. If  you are storing your trailer here, fill out a trailer storage  contract the same day that you leave your trailer. The fee for trailer  storage is $250 for the season. Any trailer left without a contract will be  charged double the normal rate. Please remember the ramp is for  contracted customers only. 

Forklift Hours:
The forklift hours are  May 15 to October 15, 8 AM to 6 PM.  Rack & Launch
customers, who wish to use  a dock in the water prior to May 15 or after October
15, need to check in at the  store for a dock assignment for those times.accidentally